Image Of The Original Look Of The Casa Verde Italian Restaraunt

The Casa Verde Restaurant was established and has been operating at 49 Old Kingston rd. Pickering Village since 1991. Owned and operated by head chef Roberto Scagliotti and his wife Joanne.

The house itself is a Pickering Village landmark and has been used in a number of ways. For a time it was even used as a rum runners hideout.

The last owner, Mrs Rachael Irish, infamous in her own right, was one of the first nurses in the area. Trained by Dr. Warren.

While she was learning to be a nurse, under the tutelage of Dr. Warren, they traveled to farm houses in the county and she learned to deliver babies, set broken bones, take tonsils out and other minor operations. Because hospitals were few and far between they had to look after the people themselves.

seafood plate casa verde restaurant

After moving to Pickering Village in 1921 Mrs. Irish was asked by local Dr. Cartwright to assist him after he found out about her skills. Unfortunate and forunate at the same time this decision was based on the fact that Rachels mother was ill and she was hesitant to leave home.

Instead she asked Dr Cartwright if it was alright to bring patients to her brothers home, Mr. Louis Scott. Thus starting the first hospital in Pickering.

Mrs. Irish mainly dealt with maternity cases and it’s not known how many she assisted but is estimated in the hundreds. She was the only one in the area capable of delivering babies for miles around.

One story has a policeman arriving at her door in the dead of winter with an expectant mother on a toboggan. Both mother and child made it thanks to that policeman and Mrs. Irish.

Casa Verde Restaurant side view